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All you need to do in your review is explain a little about what's inside the
product, why you decided to buy it yourself and what you really thought of it.
Don't be overly positive in your review because you think that will make
people more likely to buy - all products have faults, no matter how good they
are, and it's important that you tell people about the negatives as well as the
Believe me - a couple of negative points in your review won't put people off
buying it in the least because everyone expects to find negatives.
A review which ONLY talks about the positives and how great a product is will
actually set off alarm bells for many people because they're going to think
"hey, this isn't an honest review. The guy just wants me to buy this."
So - give an honest review and only recommend products that you actually
truly DO recommend to people.
Before you write a review and promote a product, ask yourself "would I
recommend this product to a friend?"
If the answer is YES then by all means go ahead and write your review and
promote the product.
But if you wouldn't really recommend it to a friend then it's probably best to
pass that product by and choose to review something that you WOULD
Then, at the end of your review make sure that you have a call to action.

You don't need to be overly pushy with this - just say something along the lines
"In conclusion I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to learn
how to improve their golf swing. Click on the link below to learn more about
this and purchase "Product Name" today."
You get the idea :)
Banner Ads
Another great way of monetizing your blog is through banner ads.
We've already discussed Google Adsense, but you could also consider things
like Clickbank banner ads too.
Remember as well that you could promote individual affiliate products on your
blog - let's say a Clickbank course etc - and you'll often find that the owners of
these products will have ready-made banners that they can supply you with.
You could also consider selling advertising space on your blog. You might
struggle with this model at first but as soon as you have some decent traffic
coming to your blog it should be possible to find people in your niche who
would be willing to pay money to put an advert on your blogspace.

Hobby blogs are great because you will enjoy writing them AND you can make
some money as you go.
As we discussed earlier, traditionally one of the big problems with blogging for
profit is coming up with ideas for blog posts. It's damn hard to constantly come
up with ideas and write about content about a subject which you aren't at all
interested in (no matter how much money it makes you) - but with hobby
blogs you can turn your passion into profit.
Like any online business model, blogging requires you to put the work in - and
there is no guarantee that your blog will be successful.
Always remember that the actual content is at the heart of your blog. You've
got to give people a reason to come to your blog in the first place and make
them want to come back time and time again. Achieving this means writing
good quality content on a regular basis and entertaining your readers as well
as informing them.
Wordpress itself is a wonderful tool and blogging is FUN.
Go and start your hobby blog today :)